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FJ Elite Training is a corporate brand which links two existing brands:  Krav Maga Advantage and Maeng Ho Taekwondo.  Krav Maga Advantage was established in 2015 to develop and professionally deliver high value self-defence and personal protection programs to primarily serve corporate and educational clients.  However, there was still a significant segment of clients who required traditional martial art training for a variety of purposes.  This is catered for by the Maeng Ho Taekwondo brand which traces its roots as far back as the 1960s.  FJ Elite Training is well-served by these two brands and continually explores ways in which to expand its range of training programs in order to further effectively serve its clients.

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FJ Elite Training brings together a wealth of training experience and instructional expertise.  This is marketed to professional organisations such as corporations and professional sporting clubs. Community groups are also served with the same degree of enthusiasm. 

Our competitive advantage is our ability to closely identify the needs of each of our clients.  We understand that people are the greatest asset in any organisation and therefore we aim to develop them with skills and knowledge to EXCEL and WIN!

The success of FJ Elite Training can simply be distilled down to three key steps in its approach:


Deliver these programs in a fresh, professional, engaging and safe manner.


Logically formulate customised programs to meet these needs


Clearly understand

our clients' requirements

FJ Elite Training continues to serves its wide variety of clients by assisting them to reach their goals.

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